Fitness Fundamentals, vol. I: 8 Essential Patterns

Are you looking to improve your health or to get fit, but you don’t know where to begin? This series of books in the Fitness Fundamentals collection will help the wellness novice understand the concepts that are most important to developing a healthy lifestyle. Concepts important to personal training, exercise, diet, nutrition, and many other topics are clearly and succinctly described in readily accessible language.

Volumes 1 and 2 introduce the fundamental eight patterns that make up this system, helping you to set goals and create plans to achieve them. Volumes 3 through 10 describe in more detail the way each pattern influences the other seven. The series also links to many supplemental materials, including blog entries, videos, and opportunities to connect with the author.

The Fitness Fundamentals Series:

Fitness Fundamentals, vol. I: 8 Essential Patterns
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. II: Creating Your Own 8-Week Program
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. III: Breath
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. IV: Hydration
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. V: Nutrition
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. VI: Strength
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. VII: Conditioning
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. VIII: Flexibility
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. IX: Focus
Fitness Fundamentals, vol. X: Rest

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Recent Updates

Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load

Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load

This score indicates how damaging a food will be to your blood sugar levels. Foods that score 0-55 are rated low impact (and thus presumed to be better for diabetics and those looking to maintain healthy weight and/or body fat ratios), but this is not the whole picture.

Caffeine: 14 better options to ease SAD

Caffeine: 14 better options to ease SAD

Nearly a year ago to the dot, I wrote an article about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but there I focused on the importance of getting access to a full range spectrum of light. Here I’d like to focus on caffeine and sleep’s effect on SAD. I’ll also offer suggestions for what to do to help you feel better on the dark days.

Avoid fish oil supplements

Avoid fish oil supplements

I don’t generally promote supplements. Most of them play to specific, isolated points of medical research to serve as a magic pill. One remarkable example of this is fish oil.

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