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Here are some suggested products that can improve your quality of life and help you along your wellness journey. Although some may seem unrelated, they all contribute in some way to supporting your healthy lifestyle. As a personal trainer and wellness coach, I have bought these specific products. I am suggesting them, because they have helped me personally. If you want to know my reasoning behind each suggestion, you can click the link to the blog entry review I wrote for each of them.

Meal Preparation

Crock-Pot Swing and Serve Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel

Here’s a great 3-headed crock pot I bought to help with my daily dinner prep. I stay very busy during the day, and don’t get home until dinner time. I need to meet my calories and macros, but I also need to go to bed, so I can wake up early. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Nutri Ninja, Auto iQ Pro Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction Blender

This line of blenders has earned a reputation for being powerful and versatile. I have used this one to make juices, smoothies, soups, and dressing. Mine came with a recipe book with 30 suggestions. Learn more about this suggestion.

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G25 Globe led Bulb Dimmable 7W 60W Equiv, Vanity Style Daylight 5000K

This type of light feels like a thunderbolt of joy the first time you see it each day. When I feel anxious, depressed, sad, angry, sleepy or lethargic, I simply turn on the lamp. It’s like being hit with a blast of summer wind, caffeine and puppy kisses. Instantly I feel warm, energetic, alert and happy. It will often make me smile spontaneously. I cannot recommend this type of “therapy” enough. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Sleep Hygiene

Petcube Play Wi-Fi Pet Camera

When my kitty Sméagol passed away at Thanksgiving 2017, my little girl Ophelia was lost. She’d always had a big brother. As time went by she became needier and more disruptive. She would howl at my door when I was trying to sleep. This camera allows me to check on her, talk to her, and run her throughout the day with a laser pointer. And now my sleep is much improved. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Swanwick Sleep Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Computer Eyewear – Wear OVER your Prescription Glasses or Readers

Yellow tinted lenses look yellow, because they are allowing red and green light to enter your eyes. How do they do this? By absorbing blue. This is why they help you maintain a proper circadian rhythm: They prevent the stimulation of ipRGCs. This in turn interrupts their signaling to the hypothalamus, which then tells the pineal gland to produce melatonin. This mechanism allows melatonin to build up and put your entire body into sleep mode. If you want a referral, these are the yellow tinted glasses I got, and they make me start yawning within minutes of putting them on. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Cat Litter Scatter Prevention

Coming soon: Items from the forthcoming blog entry

Check here soon for all the tools I have used to keep my apartment almost 100% clear of cat litter scatter. Learn more about this suggestion.

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