Encouraging Words: Inspiration

Sometimes they help, these nuggets of wisdom. They remind us to think bigger and to get outside of our current patterns and assumptions. These are some of my personal favorites. A few are familiar to many people, some are firm, others are poetic. Hopefully they will encourage you to remain committed to the long term process of achieving your goals. If you have any quotes you’d like to share, please let me know via email!


There may be some layers of insecurity, fear, doubt, injury, and/or body fat preventing you seeing yourself clearly, but life has carved you into something beautiful. Perhaps you’ve enclosed yourself in rock? We can chip away at it. One fleck at a time, you’ll gradually set yourself free. I’ll make an inspiration deal with you: If I hold the chisel, you’ll swing the hammer. Contact me to learn more.


Sometimes we’re shocked. Disappointment shatters our perspective, but it doesn’t have to break us entirely. Your assumptions splintered, not your spirit. What if the crack you heard wasn’t your heart? What if it were your expectations? Don’t glue that jar back together. Throw the shards away! Whatever your past “failures” have been, they’re learning opportunities that will help you make progress now. Contact me to learn more.


What do you value most? Was it easy to achieve or obtain? Did it come to you immediately and perfectly from the first moment? Were you world class with the first attempt? Would it be as important to you, if it had simply fallen into place? Whether it’s building muscle, remembering to breathe intentionally, finding inspiration, or investing in stocks, there will be ups and downs. If you invest wisely, the long term trend will be toward gains. Contact me to learn more.


Taking chances requires trust. Even if no one else is involved, you still have to trust that you’re brave enough to jump and resilient enough to bounce. I’m asking you to trust me, and you’ve not yet met me. So, let me set this out for you: My goal is to help you identify your realistic goals, to plan a lifestyle suitable for you to make progress by your deadline, and to keep you aware of the gains you’re making. I cannot jump for you, and I cannot bounce for you; however, I can set up a net at the bottom and cheer you on from the top. Contact me to learn more.


Metamorphosis. Evolution. Growing pains. Taking journeys. Building Rome. Stoking fires. Polishing diamonds. Carving angels out of marble. All these metaphors speak to process and progress across time. Taken together, it all boils down to one concept: Perseverance. My task is to remind you that there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. Contact me to learn more.


Can I promise you results? No. You have to do the rocketing, not me. But I want you to succeed. I want you to land among the stars. I will give you all the momentum and inspiration I can to help you break through the stratosphere. But you have to initiate lift off.   Contact me to learn more.


Discouraged? It happens sometimes. I empathize. Really, I do. Sometimes the effort seems too great, and the progress too small. Those times pass. It’s true that if there is sunlight, rain will always make rainbows. You just have to be lucky enough to be standing in the right spot to see them. So, you focus on the light instead of the rain, and I’ll help you find the perspective to see the beautiful results. Contact me to learn more.


We often make immediate assumptions about what’s possible… Me, lose 50 pounds? Me, double my strength in six months? I could never get up stairs without back pain. My thoughts are too scattered to focus… Really? People also assumed big rocks fell faster than small rocks until Galileo actually tried. No one thought it possible for life to exist in lava vents at the bottom of oceans immersed in acid. If bacteria can survive that, you can get through anything. How’s that for inspiration? Contact me to learn more.