Client Reviews:
8 Patterns. Infinite Progress.

When someone chooses me as a mobile in home personal trainer or wellness coach, I make it a priority to understand their history. This helps me understand where they are, and then I can guide them toward their future goals. When my clients succeed, I succeed. It’s my goal to help you achieve yours. These testimonials remind me why I love what I do.

Jack is knowledgeable

Jack is the Alton Brown of exercise. You know, the chef that not only tells you tips and tricks of cooking, but WHY they work – the science behind it all. In my time working with him I was equipped with the knowledge to achieve my goals and maintain them. Proper technique in the gym and proper nutrition in the kitchen are the basics to Jack’s goal of helping you live your best life. I am a better and healthier person because of his coaching. Your life will be better for it!

Clay S.

Jack is very knowledgeable and inspiring. He helps set clear and attainable goals. If you want to learn how to develop great nutrition habits and a great exercise regimen then he is the guy to go to. You will see amazing results.

Allen D.

Jack knows more about nutrition, fitness, and total wellness than anyone I’ve ever met. His coaching doesn’t just change your health – it changes your life. If you’re looking for a wellness coach, look no further. His services are hands down worth every penny.

Valerie R.

Jack’s wholistic approach towards life’s journey of body, mind, spirit in nutrition and proper movement and training is incomparable to others in the industry. His testimonials are well earned.

Ron L.

Jack helped me with nutrition

I needed help with diet. There was no way I could get any better without that. I didn’t realize how much better I could feel. Jack showed me the way: I will eat a Rainbow Diet for the rest of my life, because I feel amazing!

Kristi M.

It’s a struggle to lose weight. Integre8t Wellness is a complete program. It’s more than just counting calories, it’s a lifestyle. Jack kept me honest, especially when I wanted to give up and/or cheat. I recommend him to all my friends.

Sanna C.

Jack helped reduce my pain

I wrote one of the first books about Pilates, and I thought I knew everything. Yes, I’m an old codger and set in my ways. But I kept getting hurt, so it was time to see what someone else had to say. Jack helped me recover, and it was because of some simple changes to my technique that others had overlooked. I’m able to move without pain now. These are the best testimonials I could ever give!

Helen W.

I’ve had intense pain from Fibromyalgia for years, and it made it impossible to even get out of bed some days. Jack taught me stretches to help me on the days when that’s all I can do. But he also taught me how to make progress with strength, cardio, and diet. He showed me how to get up and down stairs without hurting my joints, and now I can go months without needing pain medicine. This is definitely a system that can accommodate you at whatever level you’re at. People who are out of shape or have other limitations can really benefit from this style of gradual training.

David A.

Jack keeps me motivated!

I’m not one to promote/endorse anything, but I have to shout out to my personal trainer, Jack. He is amazing. I never thought that I could manage working full-time, grad school, adulting, and finding time to exercise, but I have and it’s thanks to him. I am the LAZIEST human on the planet, but he keeps me motivated during my workouts, and I actually want to do better each day. Thanks sir, for getting me off the couch and in the gym.

Jon W.

Jack is the most sincere, honest and compassionate personal trainer I’ve ever met. He understands where I’m at in my personal life and fitness journey and offers constructive, non-judgmental feedback not only on my workouts, but also with my diet. As a personal trainer and a friend, Jack has encouraged me to adopt a more a healthy lifestyle and eating habits wherein I can achieve my personal fitness goals. In the time I’ve known Jack, I’ve lost 40 pounds, firmed up core muscle and, generally, become more happy and satisfied with my personal appearance, not out of some sense of vanity, but more importantly because of Jack’s ability to connect physical growth with personal growth.

Matt C.

Jack cares about nutrition, fitness, and overall YOU! He cares about his clients, and makes individualized programs to lead you to your best. Highly recommended.

Erica R.

Hire Jack! He is extremely knowledgeable about kinesiology, nutrition, and fitness. His style is so much fun! He will get you motivated to make the changes you want to make.

Annie V.

Jack’s dedication to his own development is inspirational. I’m happy to write one of his testimonials. What surprised me was how that enthusiasm caught on with me too!

Adam H.

Jack is one of the kindest souls I have had the privilege of knowing. He is naturally a creative spirit with a kind heart and loving personality. His infectious laughter and good positive mood is always inspiring. If you have the opportunity to work with Jack, he will do his best to help you and to encourage you to help yourself.

Jimmie C.