You will learn to make wellness the easiest part of your day.

You will achieve your long term goals without fads, shortcuts, gimmicks & contraptions.

You will learn lifestyle strategies for The 8 Patterns of this system.

You will receive 48 demo videos, tips, a sample lifestyle strategy, helpful links & suggestions for supplements.

You need a guide. A friend. 

You don’t need another exercise manual. You need a guide. A friend. Someone who’s been where you are and wants to help you get where you’re going. That’d be me! I’m Jack Kirven, and I wrote “Fitness: Fundamentals: 8 Essential Patterns” to give you intimidation-free steps on how you can incorporate better eating, moving and thinking into your everyday life.


Start with my eight patterns to help you set goals and design your own fitness journey — no frills, fads or false promises included. Then, explore how you can turn those concepts into actionable steps that help you reach milestones, day by day.

You’re not alone on this fitness journey. Draw from my 20+ years of experience so you can look better, feel better, be better. Oh, and #TakeHotterSelfies, too!

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