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Why I bought a Petcube

When my kitty Sméagol passed away at Thanksgiving 2017, my little girl Ophelia was lost. She’d always had a big brother. As time went by she became needier and more disruptive. She would howl at my door when I was trying to sleep. Throughout the day, this Petcube camera allows me to check on her, talk to her, and run her with a laser pointer. I have noticed that she is much calmer at night, and my sleep is much improved. Better sleep means everything else in my life gets better, too!

How does Petcube work?

This device is connected to your smart phone by way of an app. Having a good WiFi connection at your home and wherever you are is really important for the live feed. I sometimes have issues with the microphone, but customer support has been responsive and helpful. You can also connect to a network of other people who use the Petcube, so it’s fun to see what other people’s pets are up to. You can also save video and pictures when you catch your fur baby doing something cute. I particularly like the night vision mode. That is what you are seeing in the video of her on this page.

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