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Rasika sent me a lovely little goals update video

Something a little different today: I got a video from a client of mine who has reached one of her goals! Okay, so you’re about to meet Rasika. And she would still be here, except that her work has taken her far away. But we stay in touch, and she sent me this lovely little video.

Rasika: “Hi, Jack! How are you? Alright, so I just tried something this morning, and I never knew that my shoulder strength had really improved this much. Though I am exercising, it’s not a very high intensity. Not as we used to do before. So, anyway, I thought I should be sharing this with you. I wanted to show you something that is going to make you proud, because you helped me in this. And that is a handstand! So, I hope I can do it! Let’s see… I DID IT!”

Isn’t that awesome?? I hope this inspires you to consistently and patiently pursue your goals, no matter what part of your life they pertain to.


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