Collaborations with people I Trust

It’s very important to have a plan that influences your entire lifestyle in order to successfully improve your wellbeing. I am a personal trainer and wellness coach, but I can’t do everything! That’s where collaborations come in: I can refer you to fantastic professionals who practice arts outside my own system.


Crystal Cliff is the owner of Phoenix Moon Acupuncture in Charlotte, and created The Five Elements of Wellness podcast.Phoenix Moon Acupuncture & Apothecary: Where Alchemy Happens
My friend Crystal Cliff is not only a Licensed Acupuncturist, she is also a Chinese Herbalist and able to make her own customized compounds for individual patients. Her tailored formulations cover everything from colds to cancer. To quote her site, “We believe in Alchemy. We have first-hand experience of it both in ourselves and in our patients. We have seen the transformation possible when someone decides that they want to feel better, live longer, move with less pain, and engage in their life more. If you want this too, we can help.”
Jack Kirven is a gay mobile trainer in Charlotte, NC who gives a free gift to people who subscribe to our newsletter.

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