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The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

As I have described, calories are a distraction created by the US government. Unto themselves, calories are all exactly the same (from the perspective that each contains the exact same amount of energy). However, although all calories are the same, the food sources that provide them are not. This book makes the compelling case that calories themselves are not the main factor in weight gain or loss. Rather, he explains in a very direct manner why insulin is the most important consideration. The frequency and severity of insulin spikes is the main cause of obesity, which can eventually develop into insulin resistance and diabetes.

I bought this book, because I ran across several articles written by Dr. Jason Fung that caught my eye. Here was a medical professional saying what I’d be sensing for a long time: Counting calories and macros is a waste of time. Dr. Fung explains in simple language why insulin response is far more important than calories themselves. I implemented his teaching during my 2018 Birthday Fitness Challenge, and I was able to shed the most stubborn fat by applying his principle for minimizing insulin spikes.

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