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Marcy Wrist Strengthener Home Gym Gear – WEDGE

Strength becomes a limiting factor in lifting, especially for exercises that require pulling. Specifically I’m thinking about dead lifts, rows of all kinds, pull ups, and all their variations. People will often get grip crushers for their hands; however, all that squeezing doesn’t necessarily work the forearms. This wrist strengthener has definitely helped me.

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I bought this strengthener, because I seem to be susceptible to tendinitis in my elbows. I have found it helped my overall performance, because it improved the endurance of all the intrinsic muscles of my forearms. This in turn supports greater strength in the hands. It’s important to supplement all this strengthening with stretching! If you find that you also develop pain in your forearms, I also strongly recommend flossing bands. I use them, and they reduce strain significantly!

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Jack Kirven is a mobile personal trainer in Charlotte, NC. He is the owner of INTEGRE8T Wellness.

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