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Podcast: The Five Elements of Wellness

Recently I had a conversation with two local practitioners of holistic wellness, because I think it’s important to collaborate. The focus of this podcast is the relationship between wellness and the practice of our daily living. In Episode 1 we focus on the practice of self-care, because it is important to appreciate the ways in which we are actively involved in creating the health we want.

Acupuncture: Crystal Cliff

The curator of the podcast is Crystal Cliff of Phoenix Moon Acupuncture. She’s one of my favorite people in Charlotte, and she has an intimate little studio where she sees her clients. Read her bio to learn more about her background and what brought her to the practice of Acupuncture and Alchemy. She makes her medicines from scratch at her own Apothecary! How cool is that?

Body Work: Tom Archer

Also joining us in the conversation is Tom Archer, a body worker specializing in musculo-skeletal and visceral pain. He works at the Charlotte Athletic Club in Uptown Charlotte, and has been helping his clients for many years. The pictures in his Instagram feed show remarkable improvement in only one session, so that is very impressive.

Podcast Episode 001, The Self-Care Element: Dancing with Wellness

Here’s our lovely 1-hr conversation. The time will pass quickly, because we are fascinating people with brilliant senses of humor. LOL

In this episode we discuss my background as a dancer, how that impacts my philosophy about personal training, and how it affects the way I create healthy lifestyles. We also talk at length about two of the eight patterns of fitness that make up my system: Pattern 1, Breath; and Pattern 8, Rest. We also learn more about the Chinese system of analyzing and treating illness and injury as Crystal explains the five pillars of her own practice.

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Jack Kirven is a mobile personal trainer in Charlotte, NC. He is the owner of INTEGRE8T Wellness.

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