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I’ve been involved with health and wellness for a long time. That’s taught me a great deal about interacting with gyms. I enjoyed training clients at Equinox and The Sports Club LA: Upper East Side, but many other facilities have been difficult at best. Many big box chains are exploitative of their members, staff, trainers, and coaches. These types of places often utterly neglect the concept of integrated wellness. They focus solely on sales without any authentic strategy or care for tending to people as multifaceted individuals. Many have practices that outright undermine people’s results. Exposing clients to “trainers” with no training? Offering classes that push people to injure themselves? I mean, c’mon: Giving out candy at the counter and offering pizza? Are you for real with this?

For that reason, I’ve been a solitary practitioner for a while now.


I really began to feel lonely and isolated as a coach, so I did an internet search for wholistic wellness. Flex5 blew me away. Collaboration is great for the spirit. Even more so when you have the privilege of working with people whose wellness philosophies match your own.


Flex5 is a beautiful space, and it’s an oasis for wellbeing. I couldn’t believe I’d found a company whose goals and processes were so aligned with my own. Practically anything you can imagine for wholistic living is right there in one location. Because each individual client has particular, evolving needs, they have the opportunity to move from trainer to trainer. Each coach has their own specialties, so clients experience a wide range of guidance and variety. I particularly like the idea that sharing is such a strong component of this company.


The trainers meet clients at their level, pushing them hard without pushing them down. Safety and technique are a top priority, and the only competition a client has is with himself. Add to that the beautiful yoga space and yoga retreats to Costa Rica. There are quiet and soothing atmospheres outside the gym space. They offer massage, Reiki, body work, and acupuncture. Aromatherapy and chakra alignment therapy are available. Nutritionists; and a chef, of all things, (who will come to your house to cook)… well, you can imagine that I am practically giddy to get involved.


What’s more, the people there are so nice. And creative! The co-owners, Petro and Darla, are literally constantly coming up with brilliant ways of promoting the company and its mission. Their purpose is to help clients #BeTheChange. Flex5 understands that achieving goals takes time, that change comes gradually and incrementally. There are no crazy promises about losing 40 pounds in a month, or bizarre diets and gadgets. Just a simple philosophy that whatever it is you want to accomplish, it has to come from you embodying the results you seek.

My team: Flex5

I really am glad to join this team. I’ll continue seeing clients who prefer to train in their own spaces, but I am very happy to promote Flex5 as an opportunity. I can coach those who want a space set apart from work and home. I sense 2017 is going to be a fantastic year!

Learn more about how you can #BeTheChange


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Jack Kirven is a mobile personal trainer in Charlotte, NC. He is the owner of INTEGRE8T Wellness.

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