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I had always found conditioning to be boring, but then my mother sent me an article showing how to make it exciting. I first began doing High Intensity Interval Training way back in 2010. At the time my mother sent me an article proclaiming a type of cardio workout. It could be done in a fraction of the time. Dr. Mercola demonstrated in a series of videos how to perform the intensity, and he demonstrated how his metabolism remained elevated for 24 hours after the session. What’s more, this “new” type of cardio also builds muscle. This is the opposite of what happens during Low Intensity Steady State activities.

Part of what was critical to performing the sessions properly was heart rate zones. Trying to exercise that intensely while also keeping up with the seconds going by and keeping track of my heart rate was flat out impossible. I found very quickly that I would need a heart rate monitor. The first Wahoo I bought used some kind of connection that I don’t even remember. When all the devices began switching to BlueTooth I upgraded to a second Wahoo. I have had excellent and consistent use of this device since 2012.

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