Save Money with INTEGRE8T Wellness

As you can see, if you were to work with multiple providers, you’d have to pay separate fees to each of them. This can become burdensome, especially if they don’t share information with each other about your needs and progress. With INTEGRE8T Wellness you not only save money, you also have the convenience of achieving progress at your own home. What’s more, you can mix and match your sessions to focus on different goals. If you need help with groceries, we can do a shopping trip. If you need to switch focus from one physical activity to another, that is totally fine. Perhaps this week you would prefer to have guided meditations? All of these are possible. Having a mobile personal trainer opens up a wide variety of choices.

Save Time with INTEGRE8T Wellness

Time is one asset you’ll never get back. As I mentioned above, seeing a variety of providers requires making several appointments. All the various times and locations may not be convenient. If consolidating all these services and avoiding traffic is valuable to you, then you’ve found a fantastic opportunity to remove many obstacles to your progress. Whether your prefer I come to your home, your community’s exercise facility, or your job’s fitness area, you can cut at least some of the driving out of your itinerary. As your mobile wellness coach, I am happy to meet you where you are.

You can also save time by having the ability to schedule, adjust, or cancel your appointments without contacting me directly. As a client you will have access to my itinerary, so you can let me know at your leisure when you are able to meet each week. So long as you provide three hours notice, the system is at your disposal.

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